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Unique Products / Global Brands

       CEC Contract was established in 2006 to develop sustainable business with a global perspective by passionate entrepreneurs who are professionals in their fields 
With over 20 years of experience in business development projects, CEC Contract adds meticulously selected products and global brands in its portfolio, develops market and product strategies, implements and enhances businesses.
As a principal CEC Contract collobrates only with global brands which are leaders in their fields and invest to those adding value to its portfolio.

Structural and architectural elements ,fireplaces, stoves,radiators,lighting outdoor heaters and air dis-infection units consist of current product groups.
It emphasizes high customer satisfaction with its top-quality products and service level.

CEC Contract based in Istanbul, Turkey, where it was born, has operations in the Middle Eastern, European, African, Caucasian and Central Asian markets as well as countries neighbouring Turkey.


Huzur Mah .Arkan Cad. 4.Levent No:25 34396 Istanbul/TURKEY


T: +90 212 347 16 55

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